Sheltered workshop

Why just a sheltered workshop?
The Communist regime was deliberately aiming at marginalizing mentally or otherwise disabled people. Actually, it is an interesting topic: why some of us still dislike looking at the handicapped. The village fools used to be a common part of life while nowadays there is a whole load of asylums all over the country. Former manor houses and mansions, once the centres of nobility, gather somewhere on the edge of the civilization those who, apparently, were less endowed by God.

Our seven employees live in “Domino Home” ( in the nearby village of Zavidov. They are mostly men who were put in children’s homes by their parents soon after their disability had been learnt about. Their disabilities are not particularly serious but they were sufficient to exclude them from the life among other, “normal”, people.

Our project is trying to bring them back, at least partly, where they belong.

Subsequently, we decided to offer jobs to persons with physical disabilities who now work at us on the posts of a driver and an auxiliary brewery staff. Currently, we employ 3 people from the neighborhood.